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Waterproofing Leather Products

By Big Al27. May 2011 14:20

Everyone who rides a bike dreads this moment. You're out on the highway cruising on your bike wearing your brand new leather jacket just enjoying life. All of a sudden, the clouds start forming and it looks like you're in the movie Twister. Lo and behold, rain drops the size of golf balls begin to drench your jacket. At this point, it doesn't matter how fast you go, your jacket is already wet and more than likely in bad shape. If only you were able to prevent this from happening again...

No one can stop the weather, but, you are able to prepare for the worst simply by waterproofing your leather products. With all the waterproofing products out there, it can seem a bit overwhelming to try and choose the best one. So I've taken the opportunity to do that for you.

Simply put, the best waterproofing product out there can be found at Jamin' Leather. The product is Mink Oil for black leathers with low to high luster. Extra soft leather (AKA naked leather, new buck, or buffed leathers as well as suede) we recommend our Protect-All Spray.Protect-All is one of the only formulas that will not darken the leather. With this information you should be able to prepare yourself for any unforeseen weather conditions.