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About Me....

By Leather Wench14. June 2013 17:33

Leather Wench here, your one and only source into Myrtle Beach's exclusive leather world. Thought I'd start off with a little about me. Born and raised in Myrtle Beach, you could say that I'm a Carolina Girl through and through. I love the sun, sand, and the water. I came to work for Jamin Leather November 2011 and can honestly say I have never had a better job. (Not that I've had many jobs!) The customers are great (at times), the staff is basically family and the leather is fantastic! Growing up with a father who rode 24/7, I always had an interest in motorcycles. Never would have guessed years later, I would be working with bikers! Maybe its a conicidenece? Who knows! But speaking of fathers, a certain special day is coming up. Better check back with me for the next blog to see what I have to say about them.

Until next time!


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