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Biker Family at Jamin' Leather

By Wretched Rojo4. February 2014 10:45

Wretched Rojo (that's pronounced Ro-Ho) here. The name is Spanish for "Red". You gotta meet me in person to know where the "rojo" comes from.

I'm new to the Jamin' Family.  I figured this blog needed a bit more testosterone than that offered by Leather Wench and Cat Lady. Not that there's anything wrong with the ladies. They look and smell better than I do.

I've been riding for about 3 years now but I jumped in head first. I'm not your weekend warrior or RUB (Rich Urban Biker). I RIDE! Not just on weekends; not just when it's sunny, clear, above 60 degrees. I'm ALWAYS on my scoot. What do I ride? A 2003 Kawasaki Vulcan Nomad FI. It USED TO look like an old man bike but I'm quickly getting rid of the unnecessary parts and such.

Anyway, I just moved from Oklahoma City, OK. Mostly, so my wife and I could settle down and raise a family in the SOUTH. Also, to escape the crappy weather. This year it looks like we brought it with us. Oh well, what can you do? I still put my knees in the breeze no matter how cold. We love it in Myrtle Beach; the people are real nice.

Come by the shop when you're in town, say howdy!