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Whether it's a single clip or double clip, having an extra pocket attached to your waist can be quite handy. Single clip pouches is ideal to attach to your handbag strap or belt loop of your pants, but a double clip pouch attached to your belt loops of your pants keeps that pouch firm and secure to your hip so you won't have to fish around to get it open. Ideal for cash, cigarettes, personal items, wallet, map, and a variety of other small items that you might need on and off your motorcycle. Most styles are Exclusive of Jamin' Leather™ and Made In U.S.A.
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Black Leather Clip-On Pouch
Black Leather Clip-On Pouch #PKK13065KNEW Buffalo Snap Option $32.99
Products 1 - 24 of 47
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Leather Clip-On Pouches from Jamin' Leather™