Find that leather halter top that you have always been looking for right here. Everything from leather halters to leather tops which include leather bras, bikini tops, and leather tank tops. See one of the largest selection of halters on the internet right here from Jamin' Leather.
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Black Lambskin Lace Up Leather Corset

$54.99 Black lambskin leather lace up tank top vest. Sexy leather corset style vest has long back zipper and stretch sides for a from flattering fit. NEW PLUS SIZES! #LH821LL
Leather Halter Top with Built in Support

$42.99 Plus Sizes Available! Lambskin leather halter top with support. A sexy form flattering leather top with zip back, Lycra stretch back and adjustable strap. #LH2083SK
12 Inch Strapless Leather Bustier

On Sale! $54.99 $39.99 Ladies lambskin strapless top with built in support and side zip. #LH2082K
Leather Halter Top with Long Lace Front

On Sale! $52.99 $49.99 Ultra sexy leather halter top with lace up front. Made of lambskin leather and comes with a wide elastic stretch back. Plus sizes available. #LH26L
Black and Red Leather Halter Top with Red Fringe

NEW! $69.99 Ladies black and red leather halter top with red lacing and fringe that easily ties around neck and back for a very comfortable fit for a variety of sizes. This cute leather halter comes with adjustable front lacing. #LH13060FR
Black Beaded Fringe and Sequin Bra

30% Off $44.99 $31.50 Black glittery beaded fringe and sequin bra with hundreds of shimmering attachments that decorate this adjustable padded bra with underwires. #LH2917SEQK
Black Lamb Leather Bikini Halter Top

Exclusive! $32.99 Premium lambskin halter bikini top. Features lace up front and adjustable neck and back straps. One size fits most. Jamin' Leather Exclusive. #LH3030L
Black Lambskin Leather Tank Top

$44.99 A sexy and soft lambskin leather tank top with back zipper. Features 10" center back zip, adjust. leather shoulder straps and an extra soft nylon lining. #LH907K
Black Leather Fringe Padded Tank Top

$36.99 Black leather fringed spandex tank top with chrome beads and black leather fringe. Sexy and form fitting style with adjustable shoulder straps and more. #LH951FBK
Black Macrame Knit V-Tassel Studded Halter Top

NEW! $28.99 Macrame knit V-tassel fringe studded halter top. This cute black knit top comes with a padded cups and made of soft acrylic nylon. Comfortable and quite flashy to get you noticed. #LHC600VFK
Buckle Collar Eyelet Halter

Exclusive! $58.99 Collared halter top with eyelets and buckles. A leather tank top style with form fitting stretch material back, soft nylon lining and premium lambskin. #LH9023EYK
Button Up Crop Halter Top

$44.99 Lambskin crop halter top. Features adjustable neck strap, soft nylon lining, and button up front. Wear as a top or layered vest. Jamin' Leather Exclusive. #LH7030BT
Criss Cross Lace Up Leather Vest

Exclusive! $59.99 Lambskin leather vest for women. Features "X" lacing on the front and back, sport style back, premium top grain leather and an extra soft nylon lining. #VL1216XL
D-Ring Lace Up Leather Halter Top

On Sale $69.99 $55.99 Lace up black leather vest / halter top. A wide open leather halter top with chrome rings and lace up front. This lace up leather vest is made from premium top grain lambskin leather and a Jamin' Leather Exclusive. #VL34DL
Deerskin Freespirit Fringe Leather Halter

Exclusive! $69.99 Ladies deerskin leather fringed halter with adjustable front lacing. Womens leather halter top with fringe is extra soft and sexy. #LH2076F
Fringe And Bead Leather Halter

$42.99 Beaded and fringed leather halter. A cropped all leather bikini top with 8 inch fringe and antiqued beading. #LH9073FBK
Glitter Mesh Studded Knit Halter Top

$28.99 Crochet knit nylon mesh padded halter top in black with glittery silver beading throughout with swooping beads along the bottom. #LHC3097MS
Glitzy Black Mesh Knit Halter Top

30% Off $28.99 $20.30 Crochet knit nylon mesh halter top in black with glitzy silver beads all over this mesh belly coverup and mini shimmer beading along the bottom. #LHC1029K
Jamin' Leather Lace Up Halter

30% Off $44.99 $31.50 Leather lace-up halter. Soft cowhide leather top features front lacing, long neck and back straps. One size fits most. Jamin' Leather Exclusive. #LH607
Lace Up Black Leather Halter Top

40% Off $44.99 $27.00 Black cowhide leather halter top. Features 5 inch rawhide lace up front and adjustable neck and back strap. Jamin' Leather Exclusive. #LH8101LK
Lace Up Studded Leather Tank Top

HOT STYLE! $54.99 Leather tank top with studs and lace up front. Sexy long body to cover a bit more. Features 12" front lacing and soft nylon lining. #LH3053SK
Lambskin Button Down Pocket Halter

Special Offer $69.99 $44.99 Lambskin leather button down pocket halter with antique brass buttons that has an adjustable neck strap and stretch back for best fit. Exclusive Jamin' Leather. #LH10120BTK
Lambskin Leather Zip Halter

$42.99 Classic zip front leather halter top. Soft lambskin halter features elastic back and adjustable neck strap. Jamin' Leather Exclusive. Available in 5X. #LH3019Z
Macrame Knit V Fringe Rainbow Glitter Front Halter Top

$28.99 Macrame knit V-fringe rainbow glitter front halter top. Features padded bra & acrylic nylon. Comfortable and flashy enough to get you noticed. #LHC3097VFF

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