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Leather skirts for women in a variety of lengths at very reasonable discounted prices. These quality leather skirts come in different styles and are made of genuine lambskin leather and only available from Jamin' Leather™
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Mid-Length Lambskin Leather Skirt
SK19 Mid-Length Lambskin Leather SkirtYour Price 66.99 - Item #: SK19

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Studded Mini Skirt
SK34ST Studded Mini Skirt30% Off $59.99 $42.00 - Item #: SK34ST

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Mini Skirt - 15" Long Lambkin Leather Skirt
SK15 Mini Skirt - 15-inch Long Lambkin Leather SkirtYour Price $63.99 - Item #: SK15

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Side Lace Lambskin Leather Skirt
SK716L Side Lace Lambskin Leather SkirtYour Price $64.99 - Item #: SK716L

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White Leather Mini Skirt
SK15W White Leather Mini SkirtYour Price $69.99 - Item #: SK15W

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Lambskin Leather Side Zipper Skirt
SK715Z Lambskin Leather Side Zipper SkirtYour Price $72.99 - Item #: SK715Z

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24" Long Lambskin Leather Skirt
SK24 24-inch Long Lambskin Leather SkirtOn Sale! $89.99 $74.99 - Item #: SK24

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Leather Skirts for Women by Jamin' Leather™

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