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Leather vest extenders and vest chains in a variety of styles and chains that will decorate your vest or add size if needed with some styles that are Exclusively Jamin' Leather™ Many of these extenders are Made in U.S.A.
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Silver Snap Vest Chains
Silver Snap Vest Chains #VC2Your Price $8.99
Black Snap Vest Chains
Black Snap Vest Chains #VC2KYour Price $8.99
Nickle Plated Vest Chains
Nickle Plated Vest Chains #VC1Your Price $8.99
Nickle Head Vest Chains
Nickle Head Vest Chains #VC101NYour Price $9.99
Flying Eagle Vest Chains
Flying Eagle Vest Chains #VC106EYour Price $9.99
Winged Angel Biker Vest Chains
Rosebud Vest Chains
Rosebud Vest Chains #VC130RYour Price $9.99
Quick Release Vest Extenders (pair)
Quick Release Vest Extenders (pair) #VC4033On Sale! $12.99 $8.99
Leather Vest Chains and Extenders from Jamin' Leather™

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